Connecting For the Message

Intermediate-Level Course (4 weeks - $400)

This is a 4-week course taught over an 8-week period, allowing you to fully digest your material and have plenty of time for practice exercises and homework.  This course is intended for those individuals who have successfully connected with the Spirit World, either by sitting in a development circle or other previous training, and who have the ability to perceive and receive from the Other Side (both psychically and mediumistically). You do not need to have ever done “readings.”  However, an understanding of the “Clairs”, the ability to meditate, and a strong desire to understand messages from Spirit for yourself and others is a must.

If you are already a practicing psychic, medium, or psychic medium, this course is an excellent way to strengthen and gain clarity both in your connection with spirit and in your message delivery.


This course includes: 

  • Paving the Way for Spirit: Understanding what holds you back, and a willingness to release it.

  • Stripping you back down to the basics: Isolating and developing your psychic senses or “Clairs”.

  • Mastering your own energy and having healthy energetic boundaries with others.

  • Mastering Meditation

  • The importance of evidence: The art of interviewing Spirit!

  • Use of the energetic arc in a reading.

  • Developing your own symbol dictionary – Understanding your frame of reference.

  • Message delivery – developing your own compassionate style.

  • The art of delivering a purely psychic reading.

  • The art of “pure mediumship”.

  • Are you a psychic or medium? Understanding the difference.

  • Ethics in serving the Spirit World.

*Pre-interview may be required to determine if enrollment in Connecting with Spirit recommended prior to taking this course.

Class rosters are continually forming. Click HERE if you are interested in enrolling in Connecting for the Message. We will add you to our waitlist and contact you once our roster is filled with the minimum number of students required to schedule the next course.

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