Advanced Mediumship Certification

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*Required pre-requisite course: Message Mentoring for the Developing Medium
*Application and pre-interview with Celeste required before completing the enrollment process for this course.
Advanced-Level Course (6 weeks)

This course is intended for those who have made connections to either their Guides/Angels or loved ones on the Other Side and desire to be able to share a message with another person. Either you have done it for one another in one of my classes or are doing readings out in the world here and there. Make better sense of your gifts, learn how to deliver a message properly, and manage your energy!


Do you feel ready to explore the difference between a psychic reading and mediumship reading?


Psychic Ability (used in both psychic and mediumship readings!)

  • Learn all about the human aura

  • Learn what your strengths & weaknesses are re: the Clairs

  • Learn why the aura is critical for a psychic reading

  • Learn how to manage your energy and how to shield yourself from those who can psychically drain your energy!


Mediumship Ability

  • Learn the different phases of a proper mediumship reading

  • Learn what to do if you receive uninvited contact or information from Spirit

  • Learn proper interpretation and delivery of difficult messages

  • Learn how to receive a message from spirit using your senses

  • Learn proper timing for a client to receive a reading

  • Learn what capabilities spirit possesses based on their length of absence from the physical world

  • Learn proper reading etiquette – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!!!!!

  • Share your own successes and challenges to help others grow

  • Learn all about the “Cycle of Protection” as it relates to your work

  • Receive advice about development circles and “coming out” with a private practice!

Participate in five weekly workshops with like-minded people in a safe environment to open your pathways to connection through rigorous development exercises!  Get ready to give readings to your classmates and friends.  Spirit is ready to assist! Isn’t it time to honor your life path by serving Spirit?

*Pre-interview required to determine if enrollment in Connecting with Spirit recommended prior to taking this course.

Class rosters are continually forming. Click HERE if you are interested in enrolling in the Advanced Mediumship Certifcation course. We will add you to our waitlist and contact you once our roster is filled with the minumum number of students required to schedule the next course.

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