Past-Life Regression Therapy Session

I had the distinct honor and privilege to travel to The Omega

Institute in Rhinebeck, New York to study with the eminent

psychologist and world-renowned regression therapist, Dr. Brian

Weiss.  There I received certification in Past Life Regression

Therapy, and am so pleased to offer this service to my clients!

What is Past-Life Regression?

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy used for

accessing and re-experiencing your past life experiences. Often

referred to as "the autobiography of the eternal soul",  past life

memories can assist us with connecting with our soul's purpose for

this current journey, as well as to provide insight and healing. Unlearned lessons from the past often manifest in our current lives with repetition. If you have ever asked "Why does this keep happening to me?" then you know what I mean!

Reasons for Scheduling a Past Life Regression

Many people schedule a past life session out of curiosity, but many also reach out for therapeutic reasons. These reasons may include:

  • To gain insight into fears and anxiety that may be linked to past life trauma

  • To gain insight into physical conditions that may be linked to past life trauma

  • To identify and align with your life's purpose

  • To better understand current relationship issues with those with whom you may have shared a previous life

Expectations and Cost

Past life regression sessions are $225.00 and consist of 3 sections:


Preparation - Time is devoted to fully explaining the hypno-regression process, helping the client to be both mentally and physically comfortable and to review the Confidential Client Intake Form. This can take approximately 20 minutes.


Regression - The amount of time a client can expect to be under hypnotic regression is approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Integration - It is important for the client to have an opportunity to internalize the experience and receive guidance in processing realizations and lessons for growth and healing. This typically takes about 30 minutes, with the total time in session estimated at roughly 2 hours.  Sessions are recorded for client access and review.  

In cases of more complex issues, clients may require follow-up sessions for additional clarity. Follow-up sessions are scheduled at my hourly rate of $200.

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