• Celeste Woods

Be the Sculptor of Your Life!

When we experience joyful things in life, we have no trouble connecting with a sense of gratitude. We feel lucky and blessed to have had the experience.

However, when faced with challenges or tragedy we find ourselves struggling to make sense of it, often feeling anger or resentment. Spirit challenges us to find the gift in all of our challenging times; it's often buried and needs to be excavated!

For example, when a sculptor is faced with a massive block of marble, the beauty of the finished piece is revealed by what is taken away, not by what is added. Sometimes we, too must strip away the outer visible layers of a circumstance in order to reveal the beauty of the lesson or the refresh of our inner values, Isn't it possible that this is what is happening with all of us on some level throughout the challenge of COVID-19? We're learning to get by with less, with more simplicity. We're cherishing our freedom and our families more. We experience beauty not by adding more "stuff" into our lives, but by simplifying and chipping away at what no longer serves us. How were we wasteful before this; with our time, our money, our energy, our emotions? Let us not be wasteful any longer. Let us hope that what remains for us individually as well as collectively is a beautiful masterpiece of a much better than before.


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