• Celeste Woods

Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Stagnant Energy

Sure-fire ways to free yourself of pent-up energy!

Let’s face it. We’ve all felt pent-up emotion, anxiety or stress. Some of us are lucky to have an outlet for all that energy, like maybe exercising, but that's not possible for everyone. There are lots of practical ways to get some release and self-nurture at the same time. I was inspired to write this piece from a Facebook post I came across while scrolling the other day. I lost it, and realized Spirit wanted me to make my own list. So, here are some of my ways for letting go:

Writing: If you’re feeling a certain way about something and unable to express it, try writing it down. You can journal to yourself, your spirit guides, a deceased love one, or even write someone a note when words fail you in person. Heck, you can even toss it in the trash if you’re really not ready, but get it out!

Singing: Is there anything better than starring in your own concert? We forget how therapeutic music can be! It doesn’t matter if the song takes you “up” or “down” – singing out loud can make your heart and body feel a lot lighter!

Dancing: Now I’m not talking the “Risky Business Slide” (or am I?), but we all have our favorite type of dance music, right? I’ll dance to anything, but I love music from the ‘70s and ‘80s, even salsa! Not only does it give your body a good workout, all that stagnant energy from couch sitting is released!

Loving: This falls into two categories for me; the act of doing something for someone else altruistically and randomly can truly cause a shift change in your brain chemistry and lift your mind and soul. The second category is sex! Not only is it good for you emotionally, but it’s a great way to clear the heart, sacral and root chakras as well!

Playing: Think back to your younger days of “playtime.” What were some of your favorite games? I loved to play Jacks and jump rope. Anything playful is a great way to lighten your energy and return you to an “easier” time in life.

Creating: Coloring books for adults are now everywhere! Treat yourself to watercolors, or acrylic paints at your local hobby store and throw in paper and a few blank canvases. Just sit peacefully, breathe deeply, and be in a place of allowing whatever is inside you to flow out. You may surprise yourself!

Crying: Have you ever felt the need to cry but couldn’t put your finger on the exact reason why? It’s because your body is telling you it needs to release the emotional load you’re carrying! Years ago my sister Lorraine and I would occasionally pour a glass of wine and put on Barry Manilow and sing at the top of our lungs and it would ALWAYS lead to a good ol’ ugly cry LOL.

Laughing: It would be great to gather those particular friends or family members with whom you always enjoy a good laugh, but if no one else is around, hop on Netflix and search through for favorite comedians’ stand-up routines! I love Jo Koy, John Pinette (R.I.P.), and classic Robin Williams!

Reiki: Energy healing is an excellent way to have chakra blocks removed and your energy smoothed out! Hovering hands or gentle touch is used in a soothing environment and some say it’s just as relaxing as a massage!

All of these options are part of the joy of the human experience! What are your favorite ways to let go?

~ Celeste


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