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Lucy loves US.

Channeled 2.1.21 at the Ascended Masters level.

"Ah the burden of the light heart can be heavy can it not? It takes so much energy to keep yourself and others happy. Remember that even though you do this from a place of love and compassion, take care not to make others' happiness your responsibility. There will always be times when you are supposed to feel sad or melancholy or worried. Those emotions are actually tools for growth! They enable you to discern your wants and your dislikes; they help you think and feel your way from lower vibration to a higher one; reaching for higher, happier thoughts. All this is part of the healing and growing process! So feel your feels and enjoy the times of sharing love and light and laughter!! These are also incredible healing and teaching tools too. Nothing goes to waste. How did I get to be so smart, huh?

Lots of love to all,


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