• Celeste Woods

Finding Your Flow in the Midst of Change

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Letting go, letting in, and allowing change.

I can’t think of any other time of year than this (ok, maybe New Year’s), when everyone begins to experience shift and change. There are tons of reasons for this, of course: It’s the end of long and lazy Summer days spent with family and friends; a time when the world seems to slow down and have a “time out”. It’s another new beginning for those with children, and the associated stress and pressure of a new school year, new friends, and longing for acceptance. Family life is impacted now, as schedules change, extracurricular activities begin, daycare must be found (and paid for!), meals have to be planned …..the list goes on. For those whose children are away, silence descends upon the house once again and text messages, phone calls and occasional home visits become the lifelines we cling to. As the days grow longer, and the weather a bit stormier, it’s easy to become introspective. I can only speak from experience, but motherhood feels like a very slow breakup sometimes, as our children grow into beautiful, more independent people, needing us less or at least in different ways than before. It can be hard to let go of seasons; the seasons of the calendar and the seasons of our lives, too. It’s important in the midst of any kind of change, to dig deep, go to that place of introspection and reconnect with yourself. Ask yourself some important questions. Ask if what you’re doing for a living is still fulfilling you and giving you joy. If the answer is “No”, try to name a few things that would. Ask yourself if you need to redefine your friendships. After all, we grow and change and sometimes our relationships shift and change as well. Ask yourself what needs to be released, and what needs to COME IN. There’s no reason why YOU shouldn’t also be learning something new now, too! Be mindful of what resonates and what no longer does. Don’t be afraid of change. It can be your best friend. And remember to look up in the coming weeks and receive the lessons that the trees give us: that in changing times, allow yourself to let go and experience a more colorful life!

~ Celeste

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