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Did you know that you have your own personal support staff in the Spirit World? It's true! Every single one of us has a team of spirit guides and angels that belong just to us! This beautiful group of loving spirits is here to serve you on your Earthly journey, loving, guiding, inspiring, and protecting.  In a psychic reading, I connect with your team for a channeled message that speaks to the heart of who you are and what is happening with you. We can address specific questions you may have about different areas of your life, or we can simply leave it up to your team to steer the conversation! Spirit loves to leave you with a list of action items intended to inspire you forward in joy. Believe me, you "Get by with a little help from your friends!"

Psychic readings are $200 per session.  (Group sessions not available.)




It is an absolute honor to serve spirit on your behalf.  The miracle of connecting with your loved ones is never lost on me! I am protective of your privacy and will never share any details of your session with others. While you are encouraged to record your session, I am also happy to record your session for you using Apple Voice Memos, and will upload it to Dropbox and send you a link to access it. Many clients have remarked that they listen to their sessions over and over and often new realizations come through!


I am an "evidential medium" which means I will not only tell you who is coming through for you, but I will also provide you with a physical description of your loved one and provide details as to their cause of death, or personality traits, hobbies, etc.; all the "little things" that our memories of them are made of. 


Private reading sessions are available in person or remotely via phone, Facetime or Skype and are $200 per session. During a private, individual reading you may also receive a channeled message from your Spirit Guides and angels


Shared, family readings for 2-3 people are also available for $125 per person. Shared sessions can run anywhere from one to two hours in length. (Shared readings are not offered remotely.)


DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any and all services, communication or consultations with Medium Celeste Woods is for personal, educational or entertainment purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. Medium Celeste Woods will not accept responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon services, consultations or communications received. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify Medium Celeste Woods or any persons associated with Medium Celeste Woods, from any and all liabilities and expenses.

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