If you have not had a reading by Celeste, you will be amazed at the serenity and peace you will find after such an astounding look into the Other Side through her assistance. The loss of my son to suicide has haunted me for more than 12 years when I finally had the courage to have a reading. On that day in January and in the coming weeks afterwards, through quiet reflection I finally found the peace in my heart that I needed to find. Hugs Celeste Woods. You are a gift from above.

Theresa Ives

           Thank you, Celeste, for sharing your gifts with our family during a Hugs from Heaven gallery. Everything you shared facilitated healing, understanding and love. You are a bright light!


              Celeste is an absolutely amazing and ACCURATE intuitive and healer. I have been blessed to receive both readings and healings from Celeste and it has been life changing. She is the real deal!

Heather B.

           I have to say Celeste is the best. She did a e-mail reading for me, and brought to my attention that my husband had high blood pressure and needed to see a physician immediately. We did schedule an appointment and sure enough he did, and it stopped all of the terrible headaches he was having, as well has saving him from having a severe stroke. Thank you Celeste...your a blessing from God. Love you Lena

Lena Condon

              Last night was the first time I had met Celeste. I took my brother and his girlfriend to see her. When we first walked in to Celeste’s practice I instantly felt comforted, which for me was totally strange! At first they wanted to be read seperate and in the end she read all of us at the same time. This was the first time we had been to a medium and I was skeptical at first but in the end we ALL came out firm believers. We went to hear from one certain individual and we left with four people contacting us all for different reasons! This was a great experience for anyone who has lost someone important in their life and it has already helped significantly with the healing process. Celeste is a wonderful person who is gifted with a awesome talent who can bring answers to all your questions. Not only will the three of us be returning to see Celeste but both of our families as well. If you want the best she IS the best! & thank you again for everything!

Kim Miller

           Thank you for the emotional cleansing your reading provided me, it was years in the making and I needed it more than I knew, I was emotionally and physically drained, but much renewed, THANK YOU, much love :)

Karen S.

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