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Our journeys can be so challenging

here on Earth, can't they?

We experience love and joy and fulfillment, but we may also experience tremendous loss and at times, confusion. It can be easy to feel lost and alone.  What unites us all is the hope deep down in our hearts that we are being watched over and guided, and that we’re not alone. But when hope is not enough, a reading can go a long way toward having a lighter heart! Whether I connect with your team of guides and angels for direction and counsel, or with your loved ones in spirit, messages from the Other Side remind us that that our two worlds are never far apart!

Psychic Reading
Soul Connections
In-Person or Virtual

Every single one of us has a team of spirit guides and angels that belong just to us! These loving spirits are here to love, guide, inspire and protect you on your Earthly journey. In a Soul Connections reading, I connect with your team for a channeled message that speaks to the heart of who you are and what is happening with you. We can address specific questions you may have about different areas of your life, or we can simply leave it up to your team to steer the conversation!

During these sessions I also hold space for any loved ones who are able and meant to come forward with messages of love and comfort and reconnection!  While there is no absolute guarantee this will happen, trust that your support team on the Other Side knows the longings of your heart.  I ask for details of their appearance, life, passing and personality and for loving messages for those who love and miss them. 


Sessions can last up to 90 minutes and I am happy to record them using Apple Voice Memos,    or Zoom video recording, and will upload it to Dropbox and send you a link to access it.         Many clients have remarked that they listen to their sessions over and over                                and often new realizations come through!

Soul Connections Readings are $250 per session

(Individual session only. Shared or Group sessions not available)

Mediumship Reading
Intuitive Life Path
In-Person or Virtual

We all need a little help now and then, don't we? An Intuitive Life Path session provides just that! I connect with your team of Spirit Guides for their input about all the different areas of your life: love, relationships of all kinds, soul purpose, health, employment, etc.  As I share their messages with you live, even more input flows into the conversation because spirit attends the sessions too!

If you have been feeling "on the verge" of something a bit out of your reach, it's a sure sign your guides are trying to get through!  Facing difficult decisions or not sure what your next steps should be?  Having trouble in a strained relationship? Looking for love? Your Angels and Guides are on the job!   There is so much wisdom available to you all, if only you would ask! I'm here to help!

Sessions can last up to 90 minutes and I am happy to record them using Apple Voice Memos, 

or Zoom video recording, and will upload it to Dropbox and send you a link to access it. 

Many clients have remarked that they listen to their sessions over and over and often new realizations come through!

Intuitive Life Path Readings are $200 per session

Week of May 20-24 $25 Discount!!! - $175

Akashic Records Reading
(Your Book of Life)
In-Person or Virtual

Loosely translated from "Akasa" the Sanskrit word for "sky" "aether" "that which holds all", the Akashic Records is a holographic imprint or spiritual data base of every thought, action, emotion and experience that has ever occurred in any and all of your lifetimes.

In these sessions, I will journey in meditation to the Hall of Records and with permission, will receive your Book of Life and be shown a past lifetime that has applications for your present experience, together with a deeper understanding of similar karmic lessons that may apply.

These sessions can be especially useful in realizing unhealed past-life trauma or clearing karmic patterns of behavior to clear the way for fulfilling your current soul’s purpose.

Akashic Records Reading

1 person only

$150 per session

(Shared and Group sessions currently not available)

Past Life Hypno-Regression
Past Life Hypno-Regression Session
In-Person or Virtual

I had the distinct honor and privilege to travel to The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York to study with the eminent psychologist and world-renowned regression therapist, Dr. Brian Weiss. There I received certification in Past Life Regression Therapy, and am so pleased to offer this service to my clients!

Access the Magic & Wisdom of Your Past!

Deeply woven into our thoughts, emotions and responses are soul memories from thousands of lifetimes. These soul memories inform us in the present and they are clearly evident in our strong likes or dislikes, our inherent gifts or traits, even our fears and phobias!  Without proper closure, we carry scars from negative experiences in our past journeys into our present lifetime. These scars can interfere with our ability to accomplish our goals in the here and now.

Depending on how you choose to explore your past lives and how you want to use the information gained in that process, revealing past lives can be joyful or painful, but no doubt extremely helpful!

Unlike an Akashic Records Reading where Celeste does the journeying for you, a Past-Life Hypno-Regression session offers you, the client, an opportunity to personally experience your past lives! You will peek into the window of your own personal history, giving you valuable insight into key areas of your life that may include:

  • Connecting with your soul’s purpose

  • Repetitive challenging circumstances

  • Relationship struggles

  • Seemingly unfounded fears or phobias

What You Can Expect


Past life regression sessions are generally 2 hours and consist of 3 sections: 

Preparation - Time is devoted to fully explaining the hypno-regression process, helping the client to be both mentally and physically comfortable and to review the Confidential Client Intake Form. This can take approximately 20 minutes.

Regression - The amount of time a client can expect to be under hypnotic regression is approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Integration - It is important for the client to have an opportunity to
internalize the experience and receive guidance in processing realizations
and lessons for growth and healing. This typically takes about 30 minutes, with the total time in session estimated at roughly 2 hours. Sessions are recorded
for client access and review. 

In cases of more complex issues, clients may require
follow-up sessions for additional clarity. 


Past Life Regression Sessions

(First time clients)

$225.00 (recorded)

Follow-up sessions

(Returning clients)

(At the discretion and desire of the client)

$150/60 min.

Curious? Click on these fascinating case studies below      (names changed for privacy).


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