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The question I get asked most often is...

"How did you know you were gifted?"

First of all, I don’t consider myself gifted. I truly believe that everyone has the same inherent tools to make their own special connection. Is it everyone’s path to become a professional psychic medium? Maybe not, but you can all learn to raise your own vibration to receive guidance from the spirit world and maybe even connect with your loved ones!

As a child, I didn't have an awareness that what was occurring within me was spiritual in nature. I was the child that had to be walked to bed at night because I was afraid of walking down the long hallway in our old pre-war apartment in NYC. My parents believed it was a simple fear of the dark, but looking back now, it is clear that I was reacting to the presence of spiritual energy in our home. I simply didn’t know it then. I just knew I didn't want to go into certain rooms at certain times. 

My ability to sense energy continued and grew stronger as I became an adult. I developed an interest in media accounts of near-death experiences ("NDE's") and read as many books as I could on both spiritual and metaphysical topics. I grew up, got married, became a mother, and kept reading! As we all do, I began to experience losses of friends and family. I decided to mentally communicate with them right after their passing. I would ask for a specific sign and be rewarded with that sign right away. I quickly learned that not only were my loved ones NOT gone, they could HEAR me! I could FEEL them! We could communicate! I was determined to figure out how it all worked. Fortunately, my team of guides and angels had a plan in mind for my development!

I was personally selected to study with world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams and received certification as a psychic medium through her school, the LWISSD. I was further blessed to earn certification in Past Life Hypno-Regression Therapy at the Omega Institute from Dr. Brian Weiss, America’s leading authority in past-life regression therapy and best-selling author.

I've been so lucky to receive wonderful mentoring and education along the way, and so it became my goal to provide the same to others!  I'd love to help you discover your own innate abilities and make your own connections! Let's get started!

Love & Blessings,

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