Learning is a treasure

that will follow its owner everywhere.

I have always been guided to share the lessons taught to me by Spirit. It gives me great joy to hold space for others who want to grow and develop spiritually! All of my classes and workshops have been either channeled directly from Spirit or inspired by my own learning experiences with some of the great teachers of our time. No matter what the level – I will always meet you right where you are on your journey and help to guide you and stretch you further for growth! Let’s get started!

Awaken: A 21-Day Journey of Mindfulness for Connection
In-Person or Virtual

Get ready to relax and be prepared for growth! 

Let's take this 21-day journey of discovery and reconnect with the gorgeous spirit that is YOU!

The best first step you can take on a path for spiritual development, Awaken will help you create or

strengthen a mindfulness and meditation practice for connection with both

your physical energy as well as your higher self.

Learn the basics of energy and vibrational frequency, the building blocks for connecting with the Other Side.

  • Step-by-step tips for an easy and satisfying meditation experience.

  • Establish a daily ritual of peace and reflection for greater insights (it doesn't require alot of time!)

  • Learn to raise your frequency and adjust your inner narrative to help in manifesting what you desire at this time.

  • Connect with your own soul as a foundation to higher connection!

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the
Student Portal page for convenience.

You must commit to attending ALL sessions.

This course is perfectly designed for independent study as well.

Tuition includes course material and meditations:

Independent Study or Group Classroom


Private One-on-One Mentoring




Connecting with Spirit
In-Person or Virtual

Taught in six sessions, this foundation course is designed to help you create a conscious awareness of the guidance you receive on a daily basis from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters while helping you establish a satisfying meditation experience. In a live classroom setting or online virtual classroom, learn how to make that all-important connection with your team of spiritual support.  Learn all the different signs of communication, techniques for meditation, and participate in a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guide. 

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the
Student Portal page for convenience.

You must commit to attending ALL sessions…and yes...there is homework!

Tuition includes course material and meditations:

Group Setting


Private One-on-One Learning


Connecting for the Message
In-Person or Virtual

Taught in six sessions, this course is intended for those individuals who have the ability to perceive and receive from Spirit (either psychically or mediumistically). You do not need to have ever done readings. However, an understanding of the “Clairs,” the ability to meditate, and a strong desire to understand messages from Spirit for yourself and others is a must.


If you are already a practicing psychic, medium, or psychic medium, this course is an excellent way to strengthen and gain clarity both in your connection with spirit and in your message delivery.
This course includes: 

  • Paving the Way for Spirit: Understanding what holds you back and a willingness to release it.

  • Stripping you back down to the basics: Isolating and developing your psychic senses or "Clairs."

  • Mastering your own energy and having healthy energetic boundaries with others.

  • Mastering Meditation.

  • The importance of evidence: The art of interviewing Spirit!

  • Use of the energetic arc in a reading.

  • Developing your own symbol dictionary – Understanding your frame of reference.

  • Message delivery – developing your own compassionate style.

  • The art of delivering a purely psychic reading.

  • The art of pure mediumship.

  • Are you a psychic or medium? Understanding the difference.

  • Ethics in serving the Spirit World.

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the

Student Portal page for convenience.

*Pre-interview may be required to determine if enrollment in Connecting with Spirit is recommended prior to taking this course.


Group Setting



Private One-on-One Learning


The Connecting Workout
In-Person or Virtual

This course is perfect for all students who have completed “Connecting for the Message” or similar training. 


In this 6-week program, you will grow in ability to:


Weeks 1&2
Connect easy and quickly
Work with your Gatekeeper guide efficiently
Create your spiritual meeting place
Fine tune your frame of reference - the ABC's of the language of Spirit!
Provide Zoom messaging sessions for classmates (or volunteers if private instruction) and receive video coaching/commentary from Celeste


Weeks 3&4
Identify spirit quickly and capture greater detail
Interview spirit for crucial detail for validation
Work with multiple spirits
Know different forms of mediumship - find your groove
Provide up to four 30-minute mediumship readings for volunteer
"clients" with LIVE chairside mentoring from Celeste
Understand the various altered states of mediumship


Weeks 5&6
Inspirational Mediumship - when a spirit message alone is not enough
Incorporating the client's guides
Importance of the healing message
Develop your delivery style
Your next steps for growth

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the

Student Portal page for convenience.



6 weeks



  • The Shared Reading for 2

  • The Small Group Reading (under 10)

  • Working with Spirit vs. client in group demonstration

  • Platform - live audience demonstration;

  • finding the right recipient through detailed evidence



The Connecting Workout Level II:
Message Mentoring for the Developing Medium
In-Person or Virtual

This course is designed for those individuals already able to raise their vibration and connect not only with spirit guides and angels, but also loved ones in the Spirit World. Whether you are working as a professional light worker delivering healing messages to others, or simply aspire to, this course will a bit more aggressive approach stretch you a bit out of your comfort zone, help you expand your frame of reference using a symbol dictionary, and provide greater depth and detail to your messages. Students are encouraged to develop their own message delivery style as they step fully into their calling as a light worker.

Students taking this course typically have a goal to become certified as a Psychic, Medium, or Psychic Medium.

Completion of this course does not guarantee certification.

Students must be tested with public readings and evaluations for certification.


Course structure:

Twice-monthly Zoom classroom sessions for review, instruction, and practice readings for volunteer “clients” with chairside mentoring by Celeste. Learn to connect quickly for increased message depth and accuracy.  Students are required, in addition to class-time, to conduct one-on-one readings for volunteers on their own time. Depending on class size, Celeste may attend these sessions and provide background coaching in chat.


Sessions are recorded for review and feedback by Celeste immediately afterward.

This allows students to receive timely critique and guidance.

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the

Student Portal page for convenience.


6 -10 weeks depending on level of ability and class size


This course offers Optional Public Testing for Certification as a Psychic, Medium, or Psychic Medium.

Reiki Certification Courses
In-Person Only

Levels 1, 2, 3, and Master Teacher available. Reiki is a Japanese word derived from two words “Rei” meaning “higher power” and “Ki” meaning “life force energy.” Reiki can be practiced either “hands-on” or “hands-off” and the client is always fully clothed, comfortable, and relaxed. Reiki involves the transfer of energy through, not from, the practitioner to the client, enhancing their body’s natural ability to heal itself through a balancing of their energy. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, destroys perceived energy blockages, provides new vitality in the form of healing energy, and increases
the vibrational frequency of the body.

Level 1

One weekend plus practice and testing


Level 1 curriculum focuses on healing at the physical level.


Course material includes:

  • the history of Usui Ryoho Reiki and its journey to the United States

  • understanding the human energy system (meridians, chakras, the aura)

  • nurturing your energy through diet, meditation and yoga positions

  • basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • traditional (and not-so-traditional) hand positions for healing self and others

  • the seated healing session (chair reiki)

  • the sacred symbol for Level 1

  • Reiki energy attunement passed from the Reiki Master Teacher to the student

  • intuiting physical causes/issues in fellow students

  • basics of setting up a business

Level 2

One weekend plus practice and testing


The Level 2 curriculum focuses on healing at the emotional level.


Course material includes:

  • review of Level 1 basics

  • in-depth exploration of emotional causes behind physical dis-ease

  • sending healing energy at a distance, and into the past and future

  • the sacred symbols of Level 2

  • Reiki and the psychic experience

  • intuiting emotional causes/issues in fellow students 

  • full healing sessions for fellow students

  • Reiki energy attunement passed from the Reiki Master Teacher to the student

Level 3 Master

One full day plus practice


The Level 3 curriculum focuses on healing on the spiritual level and
is a prerequisite for certification as a Reiki Master Teacher.


Course material includes:

  • managing your energetic limits as a healer

  • review of physical and emotional causes of dis-ease

  • exploration of spiritual/karmic causes behind energy blockages

  • guided meditation to the Akashic Hall of Records to access karmic knowledge

  • sending healing into the future

  • the power of Reiki Level 3 in manifestation

  • therapeutic communication with client

  • Reiki energy attunement passed from the Reiki Master Teacher to the student

  • the Level 3 sacred symbol

  • Discussion of Teaching as possible life path

  • Minimum of 10 documented healing sessions to include minimum of one
    volunteered session required for admittance

Master Teacher Level

Two weekends plus practice, course creation and instruction


Master Teacher curriculum includes:
•    learning how to pass Reiki attunements at each level
•    preparing a lesson plan outline for Level 1 workshop
•    preparing your own Reiki certification teaching material 
•    working with different levels of students

Students must instruct a Reiki Level 1 workshop in order to receive the Reiki Master Teacher certification.