I am dedicated to bringing the spirit world a bit closer to you, whether it is through a personal, private reading, or with one of my development classes!

Private Readings

As I connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, I will pass along their messages of advice, love and support. I then welcome your loved ones to join us, describing them in detail, and even include their personality traits and habits!  Listen as they provide evidence of their presence in your daily life in specific detail. Receive the message of their eternal love for you!

Group Readings

Gather your friends, co-workers and family members together for a group reading that is often as funny as it is touching!  Spirit enjoys these sessions, as they make their personalities known to all.  Enjoy the love, laughter and healing felt by all as Spirit comes forward for one more hug.

Development Classes and Workshops

Learn how to connect with Spirit all on your own!  Learn how Spirit communicates, and the tools you already inherently posses that are used to receive.  There is so much to know about the spirit world, so join me for one of my classes!


Join me and my co-author, Beth Carleton, as we take you on a whimsical journey with an adorable brother and sister and their hilarious dog, Spike, as we show you just how very close your angels are! Marvel at these playful angels as they swim, play, help and protect. “My Angel Friends, My Guardians” offers insight into the Divine support that is always within reach, and will encourage children to share their own experiences of connection with spirit!