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Listen to the Wind Blow.....

I’ve recently repositioned my desk/table in my home office to face the double picture window my husband installed last year. I can’t believe I sat with my back to this view for so long. I’m noticing seed pods floating through the air on invisible currents, appearing almost determined to find their rooting place, and it made me wonder if their destiny is preordained or totally dependent on chance. Aren’t we all just like the seed pod, moving through our lives on invisible currents of intuition and guidance, hoping to find our own place to become grounded, rooted and safe to experience our own “becoming”? Some of these seed pods are getting blown right into the Rose of Sharon bush outside the window, and I wonder if that will alter their ability to become whatever they are meant to grow into. If the breeze blows hard enough, those tufts of seeds break free and can continue on their journey. What obstacles get in our way that prevent us from our own growth? What is the breeze you need that will help you disentangle from whatever holds you back? We must be still and wait to feel or hear the inspiration, guidance or wisdom that will gently blow our way just when it is needed.

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