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Shift & Change


Channeled Message from Spirit 1.27.21

"Dear Ones,

Remember who you are as all around you shifts and changes, like the ground beneath your feet in an earthquake. Be steady and true and think abut who and what you reach out for to steady yourself in times of shift and uncertainty. Know that everything comes to pass. If these words are not enough for your pain, think back on the most trying of times in your past. However tortuous they felt then, they ARE behind you and you are hopefully stronger and wiser because of them!

Look to your challenges for the perspective you are meant to have, for messages and lessons you can share with others. Give meaning and purpose to all you experience by putting your past to good use now. Remember in dark times, your instinct is always to help others! It is in your nature; do not stray from this! Be kind and know we love you. That is forever.

Your Guides"

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